Venture Duffy26 Launch from Atlantic Boat CompanyIn 2006, Atlantic Boat Company and Mid Harbor Launch joined forces to produce a United States Coast Guard approved passenger launch. Mid Harbor Launch, a launch and mooring business in Marblehead, MA, saw the need for a harbor launch capable of carrying 24 passengers + 1 crew at the new weight requirements of 185# per passenger. The DUFFY 26 hull fit the bill perfectly ... rugged construction, fine finish, and easy maintenance.

Atlantic Boat Company's extensive experience producing quality, custom boats and Mid Harbor Launch's understanding of the requirements of the launch business combined to produce VENTURE, hull number one. VENTURE passed the USCG's stability test for 24+1 and began service in Mid Harbor's launch fleet in Marblehead, MA, in 2007. VENTURE was followed by three additional launches, which were put into service in Naples, FL, Bridgeport, CT, and Boston, MA.

James M Churchill Duffy26 Launch from Atlantic Boat Company

LYC IX Duffy26 Launch from Atlantic Boat Company

Each successive launch provided the feedback required for the evolution of the current duffy-26 launch, two of which slid down the ways in june 2012: James M. Churchill resides in Falmouth, ME, and LYC IX in Larchmont, NY.

Built to meet the needs of each client, the 24 + 1 passenger DUFFY-26 Launch is certified as an open launch, canopied launch and enclosed launch.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the deck height or freeboard of a DUFFY-26 Launch?

The DUFFY-26 Launch deck height or freeboard is 27" aft, 28" midship and 45" at the bow.

What stability tests have been done to the DUFFY-26 Launch regarding the USCG weight requirement?

We have completed both the mathematical and physical stability test for the DUFFY-26 Launch for the new USCG #185 weight requirement. These tests were performed by the US Coast Guard, Farrell & Norton Naval Architects, and David White, PE. In addition, the DUFFY-26 Launch has undergone these tests twice, first for our Standard yacht club launch and a second time with a full canopy enclosure.

What type of transmission is in a DUFFY-26 Launch?

In the launch business, a solid transmission is a critical part of the operation. the DUFFY-26 Launch comes standard with a heavy duty marine transmission, either ZF hydraulic or Borg-Warner velvet drive.

Can I get wheel steering or tiller steering?

Yes, the DUFFY-26 Launch comes standard with tiller or wheel steering. Traditionally, many yacht clubs like tiller steering for ease of operation but a USCG certified hydraulic steering system is also available.

How is access for daily maintenance on the DUFFY-26 Launch?

The DUFFY-26 Launch is made from molded, composite units greatly reducing screw holes and joints. This style of manufacturing allows for easy cleaning and up-keep of the fiberglass. In addition, the systems can all be easily reached through the engine box area.

What about sea-keeping in rough conditions?

The DUFFY-26 Launch is built on a commercial Downeast lobster boat hull so it is strong with a full keel and skeg providing excellent tracking, sea-keeping, and protection of the propeller. The DUFFY offers a soft ride only a built-down hull can provide.

What is the delivery time for a new DUFFY-26 Launch?

Contact us for availability: 207-359-4658 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Read more about the DUFFY 26 Launch here.

History of Downeast Boats

The DUFFY downeast lobster boats trace their lineage of legendary performance down a long line of work boats in the Gulf of Maine, back to the days of working sail. For generations, Maine fishermen have relied on these rugged boats to take them to sea, function as stable, dependable work platforms, and then bring them safely home, burdened with the trip's catch, in weather that most of us wouldn't venture out in.

The DUFFY 26 traces her lines to the DUFFY 35, which is one of the most successful lobster boat designs of all, with 395 hulls built to date. Like her larger predecessor, the 26 is a built-down, semi-displacement commercial lobster boat hull. She has a deep fore foot and narrow entry, allowing her to be pushed easily and slice through the waves without pounding. She has a full keel and skeg providing stability, tracking, and propeller protection. Back aft she has flat after sections giving her the weight carrying capability and soft sea motion that made DUFFYs famous. These attributes, shared by the entire DUFFY line, combine to produce an all-around boat that is unmatched in the world of power boats.

Duffy 26 Launch Hull Profile - Atlantic Boat Company

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