The Duffy 42LOA: 42' 1"  |  LWL: 39' 8"  |  Beam: 14' 7"

The Duffy 42 was designed in 1985 and has proven to be an exceptionally able offshore lobster boat. Over 100 42's to date testify to it's continued popularity amongst commercial fishermen, sportfisherman and charter boat captains on both coasts. While the majority of Duffy 42's are finished as commercial lobster boats we have built 42's as ambulance boats, pilot boats, tow boats, clam dredge boats, commercial tuna boats, fire boats, Coast Guard Certified passenger boats and marine patrol boats.

We are continuing to sell a large amount of 42's into the pleasure boat and Sportfishing boat market. The Duffy 42 has held up well against the onslaught of new hull designs entering the lobster boat market in the 1990's, still producing a better ride in all sea conditions, and better speed and fuel consumption in fair comparisons of weight and horse power. Atlantic Boat Company is proud to be the builder of the Duffy 42, new molds for this design in 2003 will ensure the best of quality for this boat for a long time to come.

Combining the Duffy 42's great workboat attributes and good looks with yacht accommodations and finish produces a very practical classic cruiser. We build her in sedan, Flybridge sedan and Flybridge aft cabin versions. There is enough room in this boat for a variety of arrangements in galley up or galley down layouts. The deck mold allows us to vary the length of the house and Flybridge.

Our cruisers are built to the same rigorous standards that our work boats are famous for. The finish can be from plain to fancy. We have a number of "standard layouts" that work well on the 42 and can do custom layouts as well.

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In addition to the information on our website, we have individual brochures available for each of the 12 sizes we build as well as standard layout drawings. Atlantic Boat Company gives boatyard tours all year. Please contact us for an appointment and see first hand the quality we build into our boats. All of our boats are built to order and we work closely with each customer to design their boat according to their desires, needs, and budget.